About Alli.C the Brand

Alli.C is a unique affordable luxury children’s wear brand dedicated to providing quality clothing and accessories for the chic trend setter who wants their little star to be as equally fierce.

Alli.C baby beanie hats & baby blankets are made from fabrics that keep your little stars hair and skin, healthy, hydrated, irritation free and most of all HAPPY!

Children Wear Alli.C Because Every Little Star Deserves Luxury! 

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M. Wright, New Orleans - "Alli.C is my go to when purchasing a gift for a baby. The parents automatically notice the quality and feel that their baby is getting the best. The softness of the material, the quality in the workmanship, and the beauty of the design, is always a win! And most importantly, baby loves it too!"

Joenette Kelly-Kidd, Milwaukee, WI - "I have several small grandchildren that I like to shop for on a regular basis it’s always hard to find beautiful yet safe items in this day and time, numerous times infants clothing as well as toys have recalls but that’s not the case with Alli.C. When I saw these items I had to stop, look, feel and then make several purchases. These items are something that I will hold dear, I’m proud as my grandchildren wear them. My purchases can and will be passed down to generations to come."

Natalie Wesley, Milwaukee - "I am so impressed with Alli.C apparel. As a hair stylist and mom I couldn’t ask for anything better for my little ones. The silk saves the integrity of my babies’ hair and skin, which is a mothers biggest concern. The care and craftsmanship of each piece makes it fit like a glove. I’ve already purchased Alli.C as a gift for my Goddaughter, and her mother couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to see what the future of Alli.C brings. Happy Mom!"