The Difference Between Silk and Satin

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We get asked often why Alli.C uses silk to line our baby blankets and beanie hats instead of stain. So I created this handy chart to show the differences between the two fabrics and why we prefer silk. Lets dive in:

Silk  Satin
  • A natural fabric produced by harvesting the ultra-soft fibers of a silkworms cocoon
    • Not a fiber at all, it's a weave pattern. So when you see "satin" as the fabric it's usually polyester which is a synthetic fabric
    • Body Temperature Regulating (Keeping baby cool in the summer & warm in the winter)
    • Holds heat
    • Doesn't absorb moisturizers placed on the skin (keeping baby's hair & skin hydrated & moisturized)
    • Can create static (causing baby to have bed head)


    • Luxuriously soft (creating a smooth surface for baby's head to glide across without causing friction= no baby bald spot!) 
    • Soft (due to the stain weave pattern)
    • Gentle on baby's delicate skin
    • Durable
      • Natural wicking properties (which ensures baby's comfort)
      • Not Breathable 
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Breathable

       As you can see we clearly have a winner, drum roll please... Silk!

                                 baby boy wearing Alli.C silk lined beanie hat and baby blanket

      Yes, both fabrics are created from the same weave pattern, and are soft. But silk has all the natural benefits to keep your baby's delicate skin and hair comfy cozy, and bald spot free all year long.

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